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Hello my name is Jan short for Jannat. Tasting Nirvana is the backstory of my accepting a post on the Africa Mercy Ship on October 1, 2021. Unfortunately, Spain cancelled all flights on Monday October 1st so I had to find a place to stay until October 18th. It gave me the opportunity to imagine new ways to be resourceful and creative.  I decided to live at The Green Tortoise Hostel instead of a motel (hadn’t planned on any expense for 18 days). I discovered new ways to solve my money problems with a passive income through this blog, working in the galley as well as fundraising for the Africa Mercy Ship. 

Tasting Nirvana blog is my perspectives regarding to the cultural differences between people, places and things.  Posts will focus on recipes, Aryurvedic nutrition, how to become inspired, engaged and interested in cooking foods for your body and wellbeing. The approach is creativity in a relaxed and joyful manner with a new perspective on food, sustainability and cooking out hunger through food banks, community cooking classes, creating a network of restaurants and local grocery stores giving the food the the community. 

While waiting for October 18th, I decided to add more life skills and get a better understanding of living with these challenges through meditating and healing the somatic blocks allowing me to gain a better understanding of myself. body and spirit. Understanding the impermanence in this situation and why I am experiencing this right now.  Here’s what I discovered.

The aspects of my life that aren’t benefitting me and changing them is my first step in this journey.  It turns out that I am having a wonderful time incorporating the Ayurvedic approach into my daily life and seeing how I would like it to play out under any circumstances…Hostel, apartment, farm or aboard a ship.  I would like to experience it all.  Thriving through Wellness makes life worthy for everyone.


Blessings to all…

In Gratitude,


Cooking Out Hunger!

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