There is Wisdom in Fear

Anything worth doing will always have some fear embedded in it. Examples include:  changing careers; getting married, releasing your creative expression — all of these life changes can bring up fears from past experiences. It helps to remember that this type of fear is a part of your path and is a good thing. It allows questioning whether you really want the new life that these changes need to be addressed in order to manifest. It is also a potent reminder that having a soul driven Intention so you can release and grieve the past in order to move into the life you imagined.

Fear throws us off balance, when you uncertain or insecure.  However, it is not meant to discourage us. Its role is to bring awareness and consciousness you are at the edge of our comfort zone.  Meditating and making space for the old life to transform into the new one. When facing our fear, overcoming inner obstacles to co-creating a new and life-enhancing existence from the inside to outside. Learning to respect and embrace fear you will be able to hear its wisdom.  This is the sign letting us know that it’s time to move forward, or not.  Embracing fear we learn to honor our fear; recognizing its arrival; listening to its intelligence and respecting it as the path of transformation. It awakens and clarifies our Intention enabling us to honor it with the proper reverence.

A conversation with your fear by questioning and exploring its depths to gain a greater understanding of the change you are making. Meditating or visualizing by sitting quietly listening and journaling. Writing down your fears, your traumas, your dreams, your hopes is the best way to learn about yourself through fear, outside opinions acknowledging that fear always comes to clarify your intentions and moving forward in your life.

Espresso Meditation Shot ~ The 7 Fears of the Splenic Center – Manifestor Musings


The spleen represents our physical fears. These are our most ancient, survival-based fears that may have origins even before we became homo sapiens. The Spleen asks – is there enough food, shelter, water, protection? Here is some info about the fears found in each of the Splenic gates:

Gate 18:

  • Fear of authority, and the patterns or flow that governs all of us. This gate speaks to making corrections/adjustments/analyzing to make sure that we’re going in the right direction, and challenging the authority that is telling us all how we should be.
  • Fear of authority as something dangerous – that our leaders, parents, teachers, may not have our best interests at heart.
  • Fear that anyone with influence or power over us will abuse it and harm us.

Gate 28:

  • Fear of purposelessness, that being here on Earth isn’t worth all the struggle.
  • Fear that life is just about survival, not love or prosperity.

Gate 32:

  • Fear that there is not enough resources to support everyone.
  • Lack mentality in the physical world.
  • Fear that creative and entrepreneurial partners of the same caliber as you aren’t out there – that you are alone and unsupported in the physical world.

Gate 50:

  • Fear of taking on dependents, having children, taking responsibility for another in a material sense.
  • Fear of entering a family, staying close to a family, getting married, because it could result in having children and needing to take care of them.
  • Fear of taking responsibility for the environment, the Earth.

There are so many dimensions to moving forward in your life and understanding how your mind-body-spirit is comprised and know the right foods, and lifestyle will only help in understanding yourself and remain fearless when it comes to dreaming and imagining a life that is fulfilling and living your life’s purpose.

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