Tasting Ahimsa – Non Violence (1st Yama)

Setting the tone

Practicing the Yamas and Niyamas frees the mind from chatter when feeling guilt, shame, victimhood, revenge or any other fear-based emotion. Ahimsa is the state of being non-violent.  You are emitting harmonious vibrations.  Dharma is our life’s purpose within the universe.  Karma doesn’t affect Dharma.  However Karma does affect the expression of Dharma.  BKS Iyengar says Ahimsa is love that embraces all creation. Denounce the violence but not the person doing the violence understanding freedom from fear and anger.  The female perspective roles are as nurturers and mothers who bring new life.  This dharmic purpose causes us to face our inner demons and to do the Shadow Work to develop self-love and compassion so we will live our own dharmic purpose and realizing bliss.

There are only two states of being:  Love and Fear.  fir cannot share the same couch.  Today I realize that  forgiveness is the substrate that violence we have imposed on ourselves due to materialism or ideology and ego.  Fear is driven by the thought that our boundaries have been violated.  Fear fuels thoughts of scarcity and limitations that block the flow of your life.

So now I am going to get personal and explore how my Dharma Teacher/Vata Dosha has played out according to truly understand about my life and thrive .

The Teacher is here to teach the experiences they undergo. They find the lesson in their human experience and share it with others. They’ll write a social media post revealing their key takeaways and action steps for you to learn too. They’re the type of people who taught themselves how to make vegan desserts or launch successful online businesses, and are now teaching others to do the same. They learn through teaching and everything they experience is understood through sharing it with others.

 The Teacher’s mission is to serve through knowledge. The obstacles they go through are exactly what they’re meant to share with others, which is why most coaches are Teachers. The personal experience fills them with a genuine desire to teach what they’ve overcome. They are the type to see the lesson in an obstacle even as they are dealing with it, and use it as an example as they guide others through it.

Teachers have natural leadership abilities, coupled with a deep empathic sense. They can tell instantly who is having an off day and provide them with the tools they need to lift themselves up. Of course they make incredible teachers and professors, but they could work in any type of career where they are able to pass along their teachings to others.

It’s also important for Teachers to know who wants the teaching, and not run their mouth imparting lessons to people who have no interest. That can come off as preachy, annoying, or aggressive. As a Teacher myself, I’ve had to learn to wait for interest. I can easily meet someone and instantly start fixing all their problems and inspiring them to live a new life—even though they never asked for that. We have to understand that we can screw with other people’s karmas by telling them things they aren’t ready for; part of their journey is to learn it themselves when the time is right and desire is there.

Teachers’ high Vata energy makes us especially tapped into the cosmos, allowing us to channel higher Source consciousness. A good teacher can speak to their students so that the knowledge is received. They know that self-awareness must come from within, and the best way they can educate others is to ask the right questions and remain in a high vibrational state so they can come up with their own answers.

Wow that pretty much sums my life up!   What I discovered is that writing this blog is also a form of my dharmic teacher characteristics.  In my younger years I was heavily influenced by my father and wanting to please him.  It was totally at my own expense.  But you know what?  That is exactly what was suppose to happen.  My father was playing that key role of building this foundation that lead me to become spiritually awakened.  He gave me a name that is Arabic in origin and has nothing to do with my heritage.  So it felt like a massive challenge to my identity and getting banged and victimized because of not fully being conscious of what was going on in my life.    I am working through my limiting beliefs as you may have read in a previous post.  I am working through my traumas, blocks and letting go of most of the things from the past that weren’t meant for me.

Here is an Insight Timer Espresso Meditation Shot

Liza Colpa Using Ahimsa Or Non-Violence to Manifest Total Self Love & Acceptance


Blessings to all…

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Eating your Dosha!!


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